Sunday, April 12, 2009

i can finally blog abt KL!!!

happy & sad 2 b back. i miss all de nephews of father aloy. they r sooo cute! jeremy, zachary & timothy. not jeremy ryan ng! lolx. just kidding.

yups 2 happy & obsessed wif KL. wad was meant 2 b a 1 wk trip turned in2 a 4 day thingy. wif only 2 whole days @ hand wad cld i do?

so we left thurs morning. took de 12pm bus wif a rather handsome & funnie driver. hahaha. de customs was de funniest i've ever encountered! mummy bought paper panties in de bag n @ de JB customs de officer pulled it out n he blushed! lolx. served him rite! hahaha.

mummy n i take a moment after goin pass de causeway!

fr aloy n his dad were so kan cheong oso & kept calling us. 1ce when fr called, he asked where were we & i went "i duno when i look out i see trees!" hahahaha. but anyway after we met up it was quite ok alr. he always ask me tis question. "1st tym in _______(name of place)?" last yr melaka like tt. tis yr KL like tt. btw it is my 1st tym in KL! n i loved it really did. fr aloy's fr stays @ puchong, 2 houses away 4rm alan his youngest son. angela & augustine stays in kajang.

anyway met jeremy again. he was damn irritating @ 1st but later on he was so fun. i understand y. when we reached de hse must alr prepare 4 mass. but not b4 meeting alan & his wife kim, zac their eldest son & timmy their youngest. both husband & wife r PhD holders. dun play play!

so den was mass. jeremy & zac kept running abt. so noti! finally when it was dinner zac was a good boy eating his food but jeremy just kept running abt n he even vommited n he declared it so loudly uncle peter(fr aloy's fr) got angry! uncle peter said 2 jeremy "ok ok dun need 2 announce!". he just kept going "vommit!" it was hilarious. moments wif jeremy were always funnie. augustine came over 4 dinner 2. so met him. he's nice oso.

anyway zac & he ate de chocs we brought 4rm sg. zac got 2 4 being good. timmy was always such a darling. mummy loves him btw. alan den took his family 2 JJ shopping centre n jeremy wanted 2 go so badly tt fr aloy said "ok ok go dun come back!" hahaha. but uncle peter drove jeremy ard de neighbourhood. u really need a car there man. if u walk, goin 2 de nearest busstop is in 1 hr! gosh! anyways while they went we saw around de world in 80 days. i only wanted 2 see it 4 owen wilson! n he came out like 2 mins only!? wad de hell. during de movie jeremy played wif mum's fone n fr aloy tot he was gonna spoil it but mummy went "dun worry!" n jeremy started 2 imitate. hahaha. jeremy went 2 bed after we finished de movie & alan took kim, zac, fr aloy, mum & me 2 eat supper! we had prata & while there got sum ah beng tt look like mark lee paddle vcds 2 us. got white chicks! tempted 2 buy but din. it's a sin! lolx. zac eats so cute btw. he's so ke ai. do check out my msn pic cus it's wif him! hehehe.

so den de next day fri jeremy was 2 go back kajang since he only stays wif his grandparents mon-fri. btw, angela is expectin her 2nd child in may! so jeremy's gonna have a sibling. since jeremy was 2 go back by 3pm, fr aloy, uncle peter, zac, mummy & me went 2 mid valley!

took sum fotos b4 we went though. cus jeremy was so cute. heh

jeremy wif his dua qiu!

mummy, jeremy, his po po & dua qiu

his dua qiu ask me 2 take! whahaha.

b4 goin mid valley we went 2 alan's hse. so nice! got dog who kept barking though. brownie is her name. zac was so cute! "jie jie goin? gong gong going? aunty going? dua bak going? ka ka going? timmy going?" 2 bad jeremy cant go so we lied 2 him we were goin back sg! hahaha. so mean.

@ toys 'r' us. de 1st stop. nice hor? hehehe

tis cookie monster was sooo cute! wanted 2 buy it 4 myself

tis guitar fasinated me. really it was soo cool. hahaha

zac cldnt bear 2 leave de place. mummy bought him a pressie since his bday is tml. 2dae is timmy's! he's 1! wow! but finally we had 2 leave.

brought back childhood memories!

zac loved tis house. can u spot him?

there is zac! he just din wanna go even though we wanted lunch!

finally settled in @ dave deli. fri so all ate fish. de food was good!

zac & his dua bak

zac kept saying "again" n it was so candid. zac calls fr aloy dua bak cus it's his father's eldest bro. jeremy calls him dua qiu cus it's his mother's eldest bro. understand? lolx. after lunch we walked ard. bought bras n uncle peter happen 2 catch me doing so. pai sey neh!. zac wanted 2 play so we found him sum thing 2 do. shopped @ metrojaya oso. mummy hated de staff there! hahaha.

tis is wad zac loves!

finally after shopping 4 wad we wanted, zac just cldnt bear 2 leave

he loves his dua bak!

came hm n saw de village. stupid movie. hahaha. by den jeremy left n de hse was so quiet. bth man! had mass again tt day but raining so heavily so augustine & alan din come. only alan came 4 dinner. kim oso din come. zac just came 4 a while den he suan jeremy over de fone den left. hahaha. den we went over alan's house again since we all wanted 2 use de comp! cldnt blog though cus server was down n zac was sitting on my lap de whole tym @ de comp. his baby pix was cute man! came back n watched shark tale! it's nice! go catch it!

next day was happy bday fr aloy! was de 1st 2 wish him @ de strike of 12! he's finally de super old '4'! yups yups, 40 yrs old. it was oso a family reunion wif them after a yr since fr aloy is located in sg n doesnt go back every tym. so sad! but happy day 4 them esp their mum.

tt morning we went 2 buy bus tix home since sun we were goin back!(damn just as i was enjoying myself!) walked ard central market n sum other place n bought tees 4 huma & saket. oso bought presents 4 3 special ppl. they shall knoe who they r personally. fr aloy bought stuff 4 his pink pig i tink but i dun care.

came back n timmy was ard & smiling so how cld we not capture him?

grandmother so extra. lolx. see how happy timmy was?

fr aloy has pix wif all of them now! hehehe.

timmy cldnt stop smiling!

den fr aloy blogged @ alan's so we went over after he went 2 rest b4 dinner tt nite. zac cldnt wait 2 open his train so alan wanted us 2 b there. so nice! timmy cldnt take his hands off zac's pressie though. small child mah. but zac was selfish! bad zac! anyway pic!

zac opens his present while timmy looks jealously

timmy got pushed away!

zac's moment

zac needed help. hehehe

timmy wanted my cam as i was taking tis!

wad i gave him instead!(de cover)

open liao!

timmy wanted 2 play de train but zac pushed him away always. he found comfort in his toy fone!

den got ready 4 dinner. went 2 sum non aircon played tt i complained abt 2 aunty liz over sms. she scolded me back! but de food was good. every 1 came over n got 3 diff cars. fr aloy went wif nicky(angela's better half) since jeremy pulled him. augustine drove us n his father in de lousy car. alan took his family n de maids. n de mother must follow jeremy. ... jeremy was sad cus we told him we went mid valley w.o him. but he had 2 go back if not he wld have gone wif us. he started his trademark when he saw us! hahaha. will always rem him 4 tt.

while @ dinner got guy paddle vcd & nicky bought sky captain & de world of tomorrow. tempted 2 buy n suddenly wish i did! hahaha. timmy finally let me carry him! i was so happy. when fr aloy 1st went 2 wks again he cried while fr carried him! n he cried while mum carried him so it was truly amazing.

timmy was happy & so was i!

mum had her moment 2! finally...

dinner was nice in de end. like i said de food was good. kim packed de leftovers 4 their dog! jeremy kept clingin 2 me n i was supposed 2 follow him in his dad's car n his mum was 2 go in2 uncle peter's car(which she wasnt happy abt) but in de end jeremy wanted 2 sit in his gong gong's car. he kept playing wif mummy's sms ringtone cus he so loved it n in de end augustine got lost!(ironic cus initially b4 goin uncle peter said his son knoes de way better! hahahaha)

went back n zac got 2 open his present. not b4 i helped them take their family foto aftr so long. din get it on my cam though. even though jeremy's bday is in july, he got present 2!

timmy's bday n he no present! no wonder he wanted 2 join in!

zac left 2 play his @ hm. so it was just a bday dinner 4 fr aloy. wth! hahaha. no cake! jeremy fixed his car track wif nicky's help n played wif it while we watched. he finally got tired & we took sum fotos b4 we tearfully parted wif him. *sobs*

he liked his jie jie de best!

den he wanted wif mummy 2

he oso wanted wif dua qiu! n he keep saying again! just like zac! all 3 love 2 take fotos man! esp timmy! he smiles when ppl calls him!

den jeremy left n we were off 2 bed. sad but had 2 say bye bye. jeremy asked me 2 stay in kajang wif him. would love 2 but was goin back liao. jeremy was sad 2 go cus tt day had so many ppl n his car track n he just wanted 2 play n play.

finally sun woke up early 4 mass. fr aloy attended mass wif us! sum thing new. ate breakfast n saw alan & zac. wanted a pic wif zac so badly den since i din get wif him. went back after breakfast n packed up every thing. alan was 2 drive us 2 de bus station den go 4 mass. fr aloy went over 2 alan's 1st so we followed. it was so hard 2 get zac 2 pose wif me! (!)#~@^#~!%&!

he only wanted his car track!

den he wanted me 2 play jigsaws wif him!(sum more he played it during dinner de nite b4! @()!#&@!)

our 3rd n best pix 2geda! 10s 4 de again zac!

den it was tym 2 go. i did up his jigsaws oso btw. n he was happy. really glad zac took foto wif me. got 2 d bus station in alan's car. squeezy cus his mother had 2 follow. n she was so naggy! zac came 2 n when we got out n saying our byes, he said "jie jie & aunty going back sg?" like so sad alr! me 2! i miss them man!

i miss zac! i miss jeremy! i miss timmy! i miss KL!!!

oh well. loved it a lot. glad i went in de end.

will blog abt wad i've been up 2(work) aftr i came back soon. rather tired n m on 4 full shifts. hur. meanwhile...

hAppy 1 yEars old tiMmy! hAppy advAncEd 3 yEars old zAchAry!

glad i did tis man!

pss, de whole collection is up under my snaps section!

Friday, April 10, 2009

last fri in sch i was typing n my fingers hurt like hell. gosh. told myself i'll nv keep long nails again.

it's like tt. when u force sum thing, de more u will end up feeling hurt. when u finally let it go, no matter how hard, u'll feel better. but de tym when i had de long nails, i really felt very happy. heh, it sounds like suresh's shoe story.

every love story has de same concept.

2dae, much as i missed him, i'll cut de crap on him. like finally.

went down 2 pass back nor ashria her taufik cd. she kept accusing me of being guilty. hello girl, i stayed like 6+ hrs 4 u N U CALL ME GUILTY? anyway, i miss my leo buddies so much ok. hur hur.

saw de person i din wanna see, in purple sum more. n every 1 was making fun of my surname. after so long. hahaha. ya ya, it's funnie, big deal. ok next shit can?

saw jangan aka sanglo aka arjen robben lookalike. really. 2 bad he's injured. sad. suresh always associate our team wif chelsea, n he said i m like sum 1 4got de name? nvm, i wanna be frank lampard though! but tt's humayun. lucky. suresh is jose maurinho! hahaha. bhb.

wed last episode of AR6! happy, but sad no more 2 see. so who shld win? of cus 2 me i wan hayden & aaron. hahaha. kk... so out of point.

but anyways, we had fun. crapping, laming & bonding. found out 4rm golam sum things tt i needed 2 knoe. thank you very much. nor ashria's bf is quite cute. hahaha. but not interested so don't worry lah girl. *wink*

tml not goin balaclava. so sad. suresh & his sis bf's reunion dinner, ash & her no $, humayun says he dun wanna go ying's hse cus he dun like steamboat, n i dun wanna interupt my bf in his happiness, so will b goin woodlands 4 dinner wif family of cus. but it's ok, i'm sure we will have a chance.

sum jokes were passed during their tym working. it was a nice experience 2 go down when i'm not on duty. oh, i wore de nyp shirt de sch gave. hahaha. every 1 looked @ me wif class. it's grt 2 b in poly huh?

oh wells, i wanna slp liao. n dream of him. miss you.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

discussing r/s problems. laments.

i knoe de way 2 work ard de r/s, but recently i've been so tired tt's why. de waiting used 2 keep me motivated, but recently de terrors have strike. pulling us apart. tt's where de sad part comes.

r/s have lots of problems, it's how u deal wif it n compromise. i'm 2 easily touched, 2 easily happy n excited. i treasure all my fwens, n it hurts 2 see us close rite? but u oso close 2 ur fwens, n all de tym u say u dun like those ppl styl have 2 talk, I OSO NV SAY ANYTHING rite? why u like tt 1? haiz haiz...

kor kor wanted me 2 call u 'dear' 4 his sake. 4 ur sake, i din. aint i loving u enough? i keep having this feeling u dun believe i like u. but i said, if i din like u, why wld i come n see u, hug u, hold ur hand, b so close 2 u? dun be stupid. i tink i alr did some things 2 prove i love u.

i'm as upset as u r. i duno y sum tyms u cant treat me as de way i wan u 2.

ai ya... chop chop. let's end it here. i guess i bore ppl, as much as i bore myself. de biggest prob affectin me is sch, n i'm really glad it's like ending. mayb it's me, de work, or de ppl ard, i duno. oh my... i sound like how he wld say stuff. HAHAHA.

k i'm lame. cheered up already... mood changes fast. like his mood nv is angry when he's wif me. THANK YOU!

taufik's cd was in de player 2dae. ORIGINAL. so cool. took it. i knoe it's ashria's 1. hahaha. my leo buddy. love u baby. i'll return it tml. listening 2 it now. but de 'let's stay 2geda' sux. anyway, de only song i like is 'one last'. hahaha.

tml not working, no sch! can stay hm do mr ang's work, den go down suntec return de cd n see my leo buddies. we r planning tues nite 2 go balaclava wif humayun(might b de last wif him since he's goin UK soon *sobs*) n ash's ex manager. humayun has confirmed he wont break up wif ying! so happy when i heard tt. i wish them all de best.

i tink tml i might watch de vcd tt suresh, my other leo buddy, lent me. it's a hindi movie abt bikes, sort of like 'torque'. cant wait 2 see it. n need 2 return cus not mine. hahaha. oso need 2 see 'i-robot', fr aloy's vcd. hahaha.

2dae working wif humayun made me happy & sad. sad 2 see him go. really was upset he's leaving sooner den ever. saket's goin US 2, he loves his nepali gf which he broke up wif. i knoe he wants 2 mend it up wif her so saket all de best. =) although it wld b sad 2 see u go.

n when i finally leave, i'll take away de chutney tradition & values of a senior staff, n oso 1st batch. none of us r remaining, which is like sad. i'm sad they r all gone. de 1st batch of ppl were(let's see if i styl rem them):elissa, priscilla, joanne, yi ling, si ning, sanjay, rathi, yasmin, sutha, chirag & me. yups, shld b these loh. de others who became accomplished were andrea, joline, rachel, ramesh, humayun(he is way back 4rm capital in fact), nadeem, & de last 1 is saket. only left saket, me & humayun. de rest, i can say dun make our standard, n de best tyms of my working there.

these few days no JOTD. although last thurs jangan said he wont come work on fri since we will spray him. hahaha. n cockroach is sanglo! lolx. i even learnt dog. wow, learning 2 many words, wait brain pain sia. got hindi, tamil, gujarati, n now nepali! haiz really become sanglo better lah. lolx

taking 2 long 2 type tis. i started @ 1.15am... within tt tym got eat, talk 2 ching kwey, melvin, mini... wei ling oso said good nite ke ai =) my nick on msn symbolises a song lah dings. hahaha.

received news vik wld b back 4rm dubai on wed 4 2 weeks. i wonder how big his wife's stomach is le. =) den every 6 mths can only see humayun 1ce. must thank heavens ying is de reason he comes back. 10q ying! cant wait 4 tues.

ok i guess i better end here. actually, i tink taufik's songs r quite nice, expect 4 'ibu' milk song. sheesh. not worth 2 buy. i can send u his songs. hahaha. n oso, sold 30k cds le, quite good lah. hahaha.

anyway, must rem yesterday, 6th feb, 1 more mth 2 darling's bday, n oso de day i took 2 doing 2 things tt made me disappointed in myself.

Monday, April 06, 2009

back home after a nite out wif darling!!!

i was quite angry 2dae. he knoes. ashria my leo buddy oso took de tym 2 talk 2 me while she was @ cwp wif her bf. 10s babe. love u so much.

he admitted he called his brother n he got news she got married on either fri or sat. ok... he was quite upset tt he drank 5 bottles of beer. ok... i was sad 2 upon hearing his confession. hurt tt i cldnt compare 2 her. i believe him though. just like our hearts r so linked... it's really unbelievable...

he said being 2geda so long wif her, if it was me wldnt i feel hurt? i said, 1 of u'll shld have compromised so tt u guys wldnt have given up de r/s. but he said i was ard, he cldnt neglect me 2. wad m i compared 2 her? i mean, u love her so much, how can u bear 2 give her up? tt's de prob wif u, u just want every 1 2 follow ur way. mayb after being wif me u'll realise i'm not de 1 huh?

i'm just jealous. i hope he puts her out of his mind. i nv tink abt de past n my ex bfs or wad u knoe. i admit i want him all 4 myself, although i cant help but feel like a bf stealer. i'm sure if he had de chance he wld styl wanna b wif her rather den me? but, he said tt even so, he'll styl choose me leh. makes me feel really special 2 him. ^_^

like i said i'm jealous. i dun really care abt others. got so many ppl like me but rejected all of them 4 1 man, n feeling so happy abt it. @ least i'm worth it.

feel bad 2 fly fafa's kite. i knoe she's super angry. but i'm angrier. over sum idiot. sheesh. i hate tt person 2 de core.

need 2 slp. tml working full day.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

why do all bitches have de same name?

de 1 who i despise n makes my life miserable... n de 1 constantly jealous of my mummy. why do my mum & i have 2 endure ppl wif tt name!?

anywayz, went hairdresser. last tym stepped in was on 11th sep 2003. i rem it so well cus it was my last wk 10 CT 4 tt sem, n it was mooncake festival tt day 2. hahaha.

but anyway, i like de new texture 2 my hair. looking 4ward 2 a better 1 of cus. hahaha.

TGIS!!! thank god it's saturday. i love saturdays. i wait in longing 4 my fav day of de week. wad 2 do. it's once a week. i treasure it a lot.

we have been suaning wan qian lately. sum thing out of sch worth it. i tink feb has come 2 a bad start 4 me. not only me. my leo buddies 2. 4 1, suresh's sis lost his hp, his ex-gf got married & he hasnt been having much luck wif soccer. ashria had period problems, troubled problems n oso de ashok thing.

me? his ex-gf is getting married (funnie, seems like yesterday tt he told me so) & he seems very insecure i'll leave him sum day 2, i got many many assigments due, i missed lots of classes 4 tis wk wif no mc. basically it sux.

n JA's last day @ power 98! top 30 countdown was like so sad... Gavin DeGraw num 1, so i guess when i hear tt song i'll tink of JA. so sad... =(
Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography

You think you know me
Word on the street is that you do
You want my history
What others tell you won't be true

I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep
Nobody's really seen my million subtleties

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

I hear you talking
Well, it's my turn now
I'm talking back
Look in my eyes
So you can see just where I'm at

I walked a thousand miles to find one river of peace
I walked a million more to find what this shit means

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

I'm a bad ass girl in this messed up world
I'm a sexy girl in this crazy world
I'm a simple girl in a complex world
A nasty girl, you wanna get with me?
You wanna mess with me?

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
I laugh more than I cry
You piss me off, good-bye,(good-bye)
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me
oh i really like tis song 4rm ashlee man...

damn, why do i get scolding 4 sumthing even if it doesnt involve me? i notice every body just takes their anger out on me as n when they like it. like hello, i ain't no toy man. get me so irritated tink i'll stay hm tml n wont ans any calls. sheesh. my outgoing calls cut 4 now. so i'll just sms every 1 "i'm gone" hahaha.

sum egs:de other day lunch was shit n den rajul asked suresh why din he do anything although suresh came work @ 3pm! cock. but anyway, oso de other day ashok asked me why din have covers when i din even clean tt area. ahhh... de right ones always get blamed. sheesh. n now, mum scolds me cus i'm wearing ear plugs. sheesh.

i tink i'm writing nonsense but i just wanna complain. i'm up 2 my neck listening 2 every 1 of their problems n yet de 1 person who is upset i cant help. i knoe he is sad she's getting married, but fuck it n get married lah!!! he wants 2 go back 2 her i cant stop it right? anyway... i don't wanna tink abt it, much more blog abt it cus all i want is 4 him 2 b happy, so promise u'll b happy ok?

4 now, don't bother me wif ur problems. i havent bothered any 1 wif mine n i just wanna help him solve his. his happiness means 2 much 4 me. but, i knoe he will get over it. =)

anyway, only work 2 catch up on is mr ang's work. all tt xuan yi's fault 2 suggest 4 more lab. i have 2 modify all my work 2 make sure i get them correct, or else i cant score 4 lab. ahhh!!! i was lookin @ ohp just now, n mr ang tot i was lookin @ him. BHB! he styl can tick skinnedly ask why was i lookin @ him. wad de hell. why do u pick on me when i just dun wanna talk? u always have lots 2 say. wad's wrong? i just dun wan 2 argue wif u n lest ppl tink sum thing's goin on. n i'm not de 1 flirting wif u. SHEESH

i'm styl not tt good a mood. i hate sch. y r daniel's predictions so good? is my final yr really gonna bad? duno lah dun 1 2 tink abt it.

i guess it's cus it's feb n many things have been bad n i'm frustrated. n i hear 2 many complains. n i complain 2 much... n n... i don't knoe.

i really wanna cry.

Friday, April 03, 2009

i'm finally back 4rm KL! yippie!

did miss it so much though, but of cus relieved 2 b back. missed quite a num of things in sg 2. but nvm, i'm back! hahahaha.

1st thing i did when i came home was switch on my phone & hear my voicemail. i got 1 msg! *smile* so @ least got ppl miss me hahaha. den i logged on2 blogger cus i havent blog! had de chance 2 blog in KL but will explain y i din later.

den i uploaded my fotos! yuppie... all very nice. really love it. might do a photo entry abt my trip. hehe.

meanwhile, i'm hungry n i havent played daily jigsaw games. sad man. so will blog later.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

i m finally goin KL!!!

i guess many r so irritated wif me not goin. which means i'll b back later n i'll def get a big scolding. but who cares! yeah... finally here i come hahaha.

duno if my classmates were goin 2 genting though, but if u guys r do enjoy urselves yeah? every 1 except ryan since ryan's goin in dec. ryan do enjoy urself oso hahaha.

exams should finally b over 4 every 1. oh wellz, good luck 2 every 1 except me. i knoe i'm bound 2 fail 1. my only worry is fail n i cant get a supp paper 4 it. which means more lam next sem!(not hard 2 guess which module huh?)

i'm actually quite bored now. waiting 4 mummy 2 do sum last min shopping. she said take all those small small clothes so @ least wont b so heavy. it's really true. all my blouses quite small so not so happy. styl seeing wad entertainment i need though. mayb burn sum cds. hee.

oh well... may post later... wanna do sum thing besides blog...


i've been bored. at home.

wad can i say? KL was not meant 2 b mine? until...

i'm leaving thurs!!! yeah yeah. no more PD chalet though. so no swimming in bikini. hahaha. duno wad gave me tt tot 2 do but yeah i'll definitely swim in a bikini 1 day. lolx.

been improving on my jigsaw puzzle skills. cus i really need 2 move. i'm either in front of de tv, or in bed. when i walk out 2 buy things i look letargic.

i cant believe i ate hans 3 tyms last month! more den sakae sushi which was 2ce in a month. wad is next?

i tink tis would b a random blog entry. i'm not in tt good of a mood. finally we r all leaving sg but i'll b back later so i really duno how 2 go back 2 work.


aunty liz came by again. she's always over. she told sheryl she really likes me. haiz haiz. i oso like her! she's funnie, makes me laugh but sum tyms it's just human nature 2 find a person's fault. rite?

i fell asleep when she left cus i was really angry n not bothered 2 argue. i owe her a big apology. i dun understand sum ppl. wad i do is my lyf, who i wanna mix wif n hang out wif is not their business? i have my reasons 4 not being wif ppl who r ard my age cus... i have my reasons lah. yes we r fwens, but not sum fwens who i wanna turn 2. understand?

i knoe wad i wan. n i've learnt so much lessons i'm actually convinced abt wad's best 4 me. i dun need ppl 2 tell me wad 2 do. i knoe who i wanna hang out wif but i just dun need 2 b wif them all de tym. i have my own lyf! i dun need ppl bringing me down cus @ de end of de day wad i wanna do is my own choice? i learnt not 2 think abt de past n cus it's past i'll 4get it n learn 4rm it n i oso no i have no regrets. wad i wanna do is my own choice, i repeat! ah wth.

just let me get out of tis place. i need 2 leave. b4 i break down.

i tink of him. how i chased after sum thing not meant 4 me. 2 put it crudely, it's rubbish. rubbish tt i was not even entitled 2 have. de rubbish wanted me! tt's all i wanna say.

i wont see u until next wed i guess. i always wonder wad u've been doing n whether u've listened 2 wad i asked u 2 do.

track - jay chou 'excuses'